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Gasoline Distribution

We Operate Our Own Fleet

This benefits you because it allows us to be flexible in tailoring your gasoline needs and saves you time.

Fuel Inventory Monitoring

Our tool will help alleviate the stress of not knowing when your gasoline levels are low. This system allows us to monitor your fuel and send out your gasoline accordingly.

Retail Support

Not only do we help you with the wholesale side of your business, we can give you our 40+ years of experience on the retail end as well.




A brand is what makes your business stand out among others. Your brand includes your reputation, prices, customer service, imaging, and attitudes towards your business. Safiedine Oil offers branding and imaging opportunities to you, however large or small, to fit your needs.

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ExxonMobil Advantage

Safiedine Oil has always been an exclusive wholesaler of ExxonMobil. When you brand with ExxonMobil, you have the support of a strong presence in the retail gasoline market. ExxonMobil is a reputable and longstanding brand that customers recognize and respect.

When you join the Safiedine Oil and ExxonMobil team, not only will you have an appealing image that customers will respond positively to, you will also be providing a higher quality product with quality controls that will add value to your business.

Product Quality

Safiedine Oil prides itself on offering you the opportunity to brand with ExxonMobil. Exxon and Mobil are two of the best-known national fuel brands. Combined, they have built over 125 years of technological innovation. Exxon and Mobil branded retail gasoline meets Top Tier Detergent Gasoline standards. In addition, all Exxon and Mobil gasoline grades help clean up intake valves and help keep fuel injectors clean. When you brand with ExxonMobil, you are providing your customers with high quality fuel and reputation.

Mobil Image & Operation Standards Program

Safiedine Oil offers you a way to maintain your image and branding through a program provided by ExxonMobil. When you are branded with ExxonMobil, representatives from the company will personally visit your retail sites in order to ensure that it is on brand. Research has shown that this program promotes brand loyalty and increases business. A representative will inspect your site to ensure clean bathrooms, well lit pumps, proper employee uniforms, etc. and will personally notify you if these things are or are not up to standard. When you brand with ExxonMobil, you are joining a team with high standards and a positive image that customers trust.


Plenti is the rewards program that allows your customers to earn points and use them at several partner locations. Plenti partners include Exxon, Mobil, Macy’s, AT&T, Nationwide, and Rite Aid, among others. Plenti creates brand loyalty to Exxon and Mobil by rewarding your customers with savings after they purchase gasoline from your location. It creates incentive for your customers to return to your place of business to purchase their gasoline.

Visit Plenti.com, for more information.

Card Programs

We offer a variety of card programs through ExxonMobil that will benefit your customers and therefore enhance your business. Below are some of the cards that we offer to connect your business with your loyal customers:

  • ExxonMobil Personal Card
  • ExxonMobil Business Card
  • Fleet Card
  • Gift Cards
  • Speedpass
  • Credit Card Linked To Uber



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